Board of Directors

The Visual Arts Center of Richmond is governed by a board of directors that includes many of Richmond’s most devoted servant leaders.

Executive Committee
David Shuford, Chair
Kate Ackerly, Vice Chair/Governance Chair
Sam Messmer, Secretary
Joel Ray, Treasurer/Finance Chair
Karen Kelly, Development/Marketing Co-chair
Jeff Wilson, Development/Marketing Co-chair
Katie DeLuca, Education/Operations Co-chair
Stefanie Fedor, Executive Director

At Large

Zhiela Ashtiani
Jenny Bassett
Caprice Bragg
Kristine Becker
Nicole Bielawski
Sanford Bond
Steve Humble
Zachary Hunt
Virginia Lewis
Dianne Nordt
Diego Sanchez
Frankie Slaughter
Jane Sper
Clare Tilton
Norvell Whitaker
Jere Williams