Current Studio Access Residents

The Visual Arts Center of Richmond’s Studio Access Residency is designed to support emerging and established visual artists as they develop new ideas and to foster artistic exploration by providing free access to VisArts’ 17 communal studio spaces.


John Chae

John Hee Taek Chae is an artist whose work investigates how identity is constructed and how identity functions in relation to ideology. He received his MFA in Painting and Printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2020. He was awarded the David Wurtzel Artist Fellowship and Residency in 2020 and is a 2021 MacDowell Fellow. He was also the Barbara Ritzman Devereux Visiting Artist in 2014 at the University of North Florida and had a solo exhibition at MOCA Jacksonville in 2014. He lives and works in Richmond Virginia, and is an instructor at Old Dominion University.



Katie Davis

Katie Davis was born in the south and raised on the rocky coast of southern Maine. She currently resides in Richmond, with her husband and young son. Katie has worked as a tattoo artist for over 20 years. She started her tattoo apprenticeship at 17 years old and in 2004, she and her husband opened Salvation Tattoo Gallery. She attended Virginia Commonwealth University while working as an apprentice, and in 2005 received a BFA in Fine Arts with a focus on painting and printmaking.  

 Her work has shown in a number of galleries and has been included in various collections of printed works. In 2022, she was honored to co-curate the multidisciplinary show that combined the work of nearly 50 artists,  a collaboration between ceramicists and tattooers . The show, titled Of Mud and Blood, was presented at the True F Luck Gallery at the Visual Arts Center in Richmond, Va. Her art focuses on common themes expressed and explored throughout modern tattooing, while pulling inspiration from nature and the natural world around her.



Itzhak Fant

Itzhak Fant is a painter, writer and conservator-in-
training from New York. He is interested in the distance between antiquity and the present day. He thinks people and horses want to be free.  




Lari (Larissa) Garcia

Lari Garcia is an interdisciplinary installation artist working in sculpture, video, and writing. These mediums often embody non-linear timelines and speculative fiction focusing on the mythical subject through allegory, set design in world-building cinema, and sentient matter. Lari creates critical spaces to examine and reflect our contemporary moments by intersecting historical, literary, cinematic, and spiritual narratives through a comparative and ethnographic approach. Synthesizing materials and lore lead to a broader understanding and representation of fragility, disorder, and displacement. Lari received a BFA from Columbus College of Art & Design in 2017 and an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2021.



Menley Hunt

Photographer and Sculptor Menley Hunt originates from South Carolina and currently lives in Richmond, Virginia. Hunt received her B.F.A. from Virginia Commonwealth University with a concentration in Sculpture + Extended Media. Her practice elevates the domestic, values familial connection, and considers the spirituality of objects and place. She is drawn to the physicality of darkroom photo processes and handmade practices, like crochet, that often culminate in installations and performances. Hunt has shown in various local galleries in Richmond and is currently working with the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts Education Department alongside her practice.


Kyle Maurer

Kyle Maurer is an artist who lives and works in Richmond, VA. Their craft-based practice centers around explorations of how the body responds to the systems that categorize and shape them. They have a BFA in Sculpture and Extended Media and a BA in Art History from Virginia Commonwealth University. Their work has been shown in the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, the Anderson Gallery in Richmond, VA, and at the VisArts Center in Rockville, MD. They have received awards and fellowships from Penland School of Craft, VisArts Center, and Virginia Commonwealth University.