Corporate Team-Building

Get your team out of the office and over to the Visual Arts Center of Richmond’s Creativity at Work Program, where they will:

  • Use the creative process to drive innovation
  • Recognize and remove barriers to creative thinking
  • Reframe problems to generate new and unexpected solutions
  • Embrace collaborative problem-solving

All corporate team-building programs are led by professional artists and include demonstrations and group exercises. Each program matches artistic processes with your group’s goals; some projects emphasize individual exploration while others rely on collaboration. Throughout the program, instructors build in plenty of time for discussion and self-reflection.

Half-day and full-day programs are available. Rent a meeting room if you’d like to devote a portion of your team’s day to an offsite strategy session, or devote the whole day to enhancing your team members’ creative self-expression.


Bring a packed lunch, break for the lunch hour (Goatocado is directly across the street from VisArts) or order catered box lunches from Mosaic, VisArts’ preferred caterer. Rostov’s, which is one block away, can provide coffee service.


To schedule your team’s visit to the Visual Arts Center of Richmond, use this form.

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