Masks for FaceTime Fun

Masks for FaceTime Fun

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Ages: All ages (Adults can help younger people with cutting + assembling)  

Description: Want to add some pizazz to your FaceTime chats or Zoom work calls?  Or, do you just want something silly to wear around your home? Why not make a mask?

Conversation Questions: Journal about, think about or ask each other:

  1. What makes you happy or laugh?  
  2. How can you spread joy?  



  1. Thick paper like cardstock, cardboard or food boxes (think Cheez-It boxes or cereal boxes)  
  2. Scissors (you can even tear it if you don’t have scissors)  
  3. Items to use for decoration: Magazines/colored paper for collage, markers and pens  
  4. String (Or elastic, if you’re fancy)  
  5. A hole punch (or something to use to punch a hole)  



  1. Estimate where your eyes are by holding the paper up to your face. Draw two shapes for your eye holes.
  2. Draw whatever your heart desires around your eyes. (Pro tip: your nose sticks out from your face, so you can cut a hole there, or cut the paper so it drapes over your honker.) 
  3. Cut out your mask and your eye holes.  
  4. Punch holes on the sides and add string or elastic to both sides. You can reinforce this with tape if needed.  
  5. Surprise your buds on Facetime! Or surprise yourself in the mirror!