Spread the Love Postcards

Spread the Love Postcards

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Ages: All ages!  

Description: Stuck at home? Too much technology? Spread the love via snail mail or hand deliveries. We all need a little love right now! Who do you care about? Who needs a little love?  

Conversation Questions: Journal about, think about or ask each other: 

  1. Who is important to you?  
  2. Why do you enjoy or value this person?  
  3. How can you spread joy and let other people know you care about them? 
  4. Who are people outside of your immediate circles who you care about? (Ideas: Neighbors, community members, grocery store workers, etc.) 


  1. Thick paper like cardstock, cardboard or food boxes (think Cheez-It boxes or cereal boxes) 
  2. Scissors (you can even tear it if you don’t have scissors) 
  3. Items to use for decoration: Magazines/colored paper for collage, markers and pens 
  4. Glue stick 
  5. A stamp to mail your postcard…or not if you’d like to hand deliver it. (Keep your 6+ foot distance of course!) 


  1. Cut your thick paper into a postcard sized shape (COOL OPTION: Postcards don’t have to be rectangular…Cut out a wacky shape! Just make sure it’s around the size of a postcard) 
  2. Decorate one side with drawings or collage. This side could be inspired by the recipient. Do dogs make them happy? Draw a dog! Do memes make them happy? Make your own meme! 
  3. On the other side, write your special person’s address on the right side, and a special note on the left! Some things to think about: 
  • What do you like about this person? Tell them! 
  • What makes you happy? Tell them! 
  • How does this person make you happy? Tell them! 
  • Put a stamp on it and send it in the mail OR take a walk and leave it on a neighbor’s doorstep.