Studio Policies

Anyone working in VisArts studios is expected to adhere to these general studio policies: 

  • Follow all studio-specific policies, as posted in the studio and on individual studio webpages here.
  • Each studio has posted studio policies, a studio neutral checklist, MSDS lists and other important documents. You must adhere to all studio policies posted online and on printed signage in the studio as well as the VisArts Code of Conduct.
  • You must wear the required safety gear as listed in these policies; VisArts sells N95 particulate respirators at our front desk for use. All other safety gear is provided within the studio.
  • Some materials, such as clay and glass, are sold on site. All materials sold on site must be paid for before use. 
  • Storage varies by studio. Many studios do not allow for the storage of materials, in-progress projects, completed artwork or other personal belongings. Consult your studios’ individual policies to understand the storage availability in the studio in which you’ll be working. Lockers are available for rent to keep materials onsite.  
  • VisArts’ tools and equipment must be kept in the building and accessible to all; do not remove these items from the studio or store them in your own personal storage or lockers.  
  • Report any damage, hazards or necessary maintenance to our front desk staff immediately. They can ensure that the appropriate VisArts staff member receives the message and attends to the issue.  
  • If you witness any misuse of equipment, disruptive behavior, or behavior that goes against VisArts policies or code of conduct, please report this to the front desk as soon as possible.  
  • Please do not consume food in our studios. Eating is allowed in indoor common areas and outdoors in our courtyard. Beverages are permitted, provided the container has a lid.  
  • Please be courteous to staff and everyone working in the studio. Always consult with others in the space before using any methods or techniques that could interfere with their work, including playing music. 
  • Always leave the studio as clean or cleaner than you found it and reset the studio to neutral, as posted. 
  • Wear proper attire for your studio space. We ask that you wear closed-toed shoes, tie back long hair, and avoid loose-fitting clothing.  
  • Plan for clean-up and make sure you are the leaving the studio at or before the endtime of your scheduled hours. 
  • Individuals in our Studio Access Program must additionally agree to the following:  
  • You must have completed an application, been approved by a studio manager, and completed any additional training (if deemed necessary by the studio manager) prior to accessing the studio.  
  • You are only allowed to work in the studio(s) for which you have been approved. To access additional studios, you must complete an additional application online at 
  • We require you to keep a credit card on file in order to bill hourly and monthly charges. This information is stored securely.  
  • Studio Access hours must be reserved online and more than 24 hours in advance. You must reserve time in order to work in a studio. 
  • You can reserve hours up for up to two weeks out from the current date. 
  • We try to keep open studio hours consistent though out each session, but sometimes classes must be rescheduled or studio monitors get sick. Open studio hours are always subject to change.  
  • For those with hourly access: Reservations not cancelled prior to your time slot will be automatically billed to the card on file in your account.  

Failure adhere to all studio, building and safety policies and guidelines as well as the VisArts Code of Conduct can result in a temporary or permanent suspension from the studio access program. In such cases, refunds are not granted.