VisArts Updates Covid-19 Guidelines: Masking No Longer Enforced

January 24, 2023 News

As of January 2023, the Visual Arts Center of Richmond no longer requires proof of vaccination by teachers, monitors or adult students attending onsite programs and masking in the building is optional.  The CDC and VDH no longer recommend or require that organizations like VisArts make masking an enforceable policy, instead, it’s a recommendation at the individual level.

Anyone is welcome to  mask at any time including VisArts teachers, staff and students, but the Visual Arts Center of Richmond will no longer enforce masking by all, even when Richmond City Covid levels are categorized as “high.” Choosing whether to wear a mask within the building will be an individual choice.

VisArts is committed to the health and safety of our community and we will continue to update our COVID-19 safety guidelines to reflect those set by the Virginia Health Department and the CDC. To  keep everyone in our community safe, we  require  that  all  Visual Arts Center of Richmond  staff, teachers, students and visitors  follow  VisArts’ current Covid-19 Safety Guidelines.