Artist Sponsors

We are grateful to all those who sponsor Craft + Design. Sponsors who support the event at the $1,000 level become artist sponsors and get the unique opportunity to endorse the Craft + Design artist of their choice.

Signage in the artist’s booth indicates that they have been endorsed by a sponsor. As a tribute, most artists offer the sponsor a 20 percent discount on the purchase of one item.

2017 Artist Sponsors

Artist SponsorRecognizing
Rhona and Ric Arenstein
Tara Locklear
Bamboo Ink
David Bonhoff
Joan B. Gates
Sheree and Ken Sorrells
Anne Grier
Lauren Markley
Vivian Keasler
Ashley Buchanan
Ignatius Creegan
Sue Ann Messmer
Meg Dickerson
Meadows Urquhart Acree & Cook
Dianne Nordt
Katherine and Jack Nelson
Gabriel Ofiesh
Sara Belle and Neil November
Francesca Vitali
Deborah and Joel Ray
Richard Gordon
Jane Sper and Pat Millen
Robin Kittleson
Third Marble Marketing
David Winigrad
Virginia Linen Service
Donna Silvestri
Jill and Mark Webb
Stephen Nelson
Patty and William Wilkerson
Shanti Yard
Meredith and Perry Miles
Daniel Rickey
Special Thanks to Our Sponsors