Painted Penny Brooch

Make a painted penny brooch!

Medium: Metal
Ages: 8+ (younger students will need an adult’s help)
Safety Considerations: Adults should glue
Time: ½ hour plus drying time 



Description: Get inspired by metal artist Stacey Lee Webber, who uses actual money in her artwork to create new meaning from it. Paint your own penny brooch, and look at an object that we use every day in a new way. 

Conversation Questions: Journal about, think about or ask each other: 

  • Think about how we use money everyday and how Stacey Lee Webber uses money in a new way. 
  • WHO/WHAT do you see on the money that you use? What do all the people/objects have in common? What is different about them? 
  • WHY do we put pictures of people/objects on money?  
  • If YOU could choose who/what to put on money, who would you choose? Why? 











  • Metal Coin 
  • Acrylic paint or nail polish 
  • Tiny paintbrush 
  • Strong glue like epoxy or hot glue 
  • Pin back or other finding of your choice 


  1. Cover your surface to protect it. Paint your coins one solid color with the nail brush. Let dry. 
  2. Paint details. I painted a woman on my money, because I think there should be more representation of women on our money!
  3. You can use a tiny paintbrush if the nail brush is too big. Make sure to wash the brush immediately after use. 
  4. Let dry after every step, and add more details as you like.  
  5. Have an adult use strong glue or hot glue to attach your back.