Visitor Policy

We are happy to welcome visitors to the Visual Arts Center of Richmond. Our facility and gallery are open 9am to 9pm each day! To ensure the safety and security of our community, we do have guidelines in place for what visitors are able to see and do at VisArts. 

A visitor is anyone not coming to the center for a scheduled meeting, class, or work shift. Visitors are welcome to view exhibitions or attend events in our facility. However, visitors are not able to visit classrooms or studios throughout the building or use our studios or common areas as a work or meeting space. This is to ensure the safety of our facility, as well as ensure we are providing a positive studio environment needed for artists, students, and teachers. We are happy to make an exception for parents or guardians, who are welcome to wait in the commons area to pick up their student.

For anyone interested in seeing the studios and facility, we recommend emailing to schedule a tour. If a staff member is available during your visit, our front desk staff are happy to facilitate this as well. 

All visitors are asked to sign into our visitor book at the front desk and provide their name, arrival and departure time, and an optional email address if they would like to be added to our mailing list.  Teachers, students, and monitors do not need to sign in. Studio access users must check in at the front desk to confirm their appointment time but also do not need to sign in. 

Thank you for helping us keep VisArts a safe, welcoming, and productive space! 

Last updated 04/26/2023